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Quality of Service Monitoring and Accounting
Culverhouse ME, Ghita BV
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications, 4-7 September, Wrexham, UK, ISBN: 978-0-946881-54-3, pp292–299, 2007
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Network monitoring has been a topical research area for the past two decades, receiving substantial attention both from the research community when pursuing novel inference and observation alternatives, as well as and from the network administrators, when implementing the proposed solutions. In parallel, consumers demands evolved from service availability towards Quality of Service, imposing new requirements for monitoring service level agreements, as well as linking network usage and quality accounting. Various solutions exist on the market for traffic accounting but, increasingly, network performance is added to availability and traffic levels when assessing a network provisioning service. This paper proposes an enhancement to one of the leading traffic accounting architectures available - Netflow. The proposed expanded architecture allows Netflow-based monitoring to offer not only accounting information, but also performance related statistics in order to provide a perspective of the network health. The paper provides the framework for expanding the components of current monitoring architecture towards including performance related statistics, whilst also considering the aggregation and management of the data collected as an end result.

Culverhouse ME, Ghita BV