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In 2014, we launched our open-access repository which offers full text access to conference proceedings from many of our events including the INC and HAISA series. These papers are free to access and distribute (subject to citing the source).

» Openaccess proceedings » Eighth International Network Conference (INC 2010)

Eighth International Network Conference (INC 2010)

Eighth International Network Conference (INC 2010)
Heidelberg, Germany, July 6-8, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-84102-259-8

Title: An Architecture of eLearning Enterprise Authoring Studio
Author(s): Ivo Hristov
Reference: pp253-262
Keywords: eLearning;content authoring; authoring tools; learning objects, educational standards, MPEG 7, METS
Abstract: The paper presents an architecture for enterprise development of ELearning content. The authoring studio is intended to work alone or as integrated part of learning content management system in conjunction with the presented adaptation engine. The content organization that facilitate development and repurpose of educational content is offered, by definition of granularity, structure, supporting metadata and links between internally stored information objects. Base functionality of building blocks and essential workflows of data and structured massages – both bottom up and top down are presented. The paper describes structure of objects and the repositories that enable usage of semantic operation at all levels for large and complex educational content in different domains.
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