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In 2014, we launched our open-access repository which offers full text access to conference proceedings from many of our events including the INC and HAISA series. These papers are free to access and distribute (subject to citing the source).

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Eighth International Network Conference (INC 2010)

Eighth International Network Conference (INC 2010)
Heidelberg, Germany, July 6-8, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-84102-259-8

Title: Conceptual Trusted Incident Reaction Architecture
Author(s): Christophe Feltus
Reference: pp143-152
Keywords: Incident reaction, Trust, Multi-agent system, Architecture, Secutirty.
Abstract: Enterprise networks are continuously growing up and rising connections with various software and systems. Their components’ security is a tremendous challenge especially due to their heterogeneity and distributed structure. Mechanisms, such as the intrusion detection system, are developed to monitor the security level of those components, their exposure to external attacks or internal failure, and their compliance to target trust level. Although the concept of trust exists for a long time in the computer sciences, it is mainly deployed in the field of peer-to-peer networking and in specific domains like the e-commerce. The paper proposes a conceptual trusted incident-reaction architecture elaborated firstly based on a multi-agent system that offers the ability to be dynamic and flexible, and secondly based on a decision mechanism that supports the choice of components based on contextual attributes and based on information weighted with trust value.
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