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Dr Abdulwahid Al Abdulwahid

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Federated Authentication using the Cloud (Cloud Aura)

Authentication is a key security control for any computing system, whether that is a PC, server, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. However, authentication is traditionally poorly served, with existing implementations falling foul of a variety of weaknesses. Passwords are poorly selected, reused and shared (to name but a few). Research has suggested novel approaches to authentication such as transparent authentication and cooperative and distributed authentication. However, these technologies merely focus upon individual platforms rather than providing a universal and federated authentication approach that can be used across technologies and services. The advent of cloud computing, its universal connectivity, scalability and flexibility, offers a new opportunity of achieving usable and convenient authentication seamlessly in a technology and service independent fashion. However, relying upon such an environment also introduces a range of technology, privacy and trust-related issues.

The MPhil phase of this research will seek to develop a current state-of-the-art understanding of authentication methods including both the problem and available solutions. The research will build upon existing research within the Centre on transparent and distributed authentication, with a view of capitalising upon the benefits that cloud computing offer. As such, this phase of the project will also involve a comprehensive review of cloud computing – particularly given the nature of this subject it will focus upon the security and privacy issues. An initial experiment will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of utilising the cloud for such universal authentication and seek to identify the attributes required for a successful authentication mechanism.

Dr Abdulwahid Al Abdulwahid

Director of studies: Prof. Nathan L Clarke
Other supervisors: Dr Ingo Stengel, Prof. Steven M Furnell, Prof. Dr Christoph Reich

Journal papers

Continuous and transparent multimodal authentication: reviewing the state of the art
Al Abdulwahid A, Clarke NL, Stengel I, Furnell SM, Reich C
Cluster Computing, pp1-20, 2015
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1 Journal papers

Conference papers

Security, Privacy and Usability - A Survey of Users' Perceptions and Attitudes
Al Abdulwahid A, Clarke NL, Furnell SM, Stengel I, Reich C
12th International Conference on Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business (TrustBus 2015), Valencia, Spain, September 1-2, pp153-168, ISBN 978-3-319-22906-5, 2015
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A Survey of Continuous and Transparent Multibiometric Authentication Systems
Al Abdulwahid A, Clarke NL, Furnell SM, Stengel I, Reich C
Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS-2015), pp 1-10, ISBN: 978--91081-2-3, ISSN: 204-8610, 2015
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The Current Use of Authentication Technologies: An Investigative Review
Al Abdulwahid A, Clarke NL, Stengel I, Furnell SM, Reich C
Proceedings of the IEEE 2015 International Conference on Cloud Computing (ICCC15), pp 239-246, ISBN 15: 978-1-4673-6618-2, 2015
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A Conceptual Model for Federated Authentication in the Cloud
Al Abdulwahid A, Clarke NL, Furnell SM, Stengel I
Proceedings of the 11th Australian Information Security Management Conference (AISM2013), Perth, Australia, 2-4 December, pp 1-11, ISBN 978-0-7298-0710-4, 2013
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4 Conference papers


Federated Authentication Using the Cloud
Al Abdulwahid A
The Postgraduate Society Conference Series, 27th November, Plymouth University, 2013
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