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3D Facial Recognition and Eye Tracking
Ketab S, Clarke NL, Dowland PS
The Postgraduate Society Conference, 16th March 2016, Plymouth University, 2016

In this study, the focus has been on the development of a more secure, flexible, transparent and continuous authentication mechanism for e-assessments.

To monitor the exam taker and ensure that only the allowed student is taking the exam, the system will offer a continuous authentication using:
2D facial recognition
3D facial recognition
using a CREATIVE front-facing 3D camera and The Eye Tribe eye tracker to follow/record the student’s eye movement.

2D Face recognition, is the main (user-friendly) authentication approach that has already been used in the prototype e-invigilation system. However, this method can be bypassed by spoofing facial recognition using a photograph. Therefore, for more robust facial recognition, the next phase will focus upon the development and evaluation of novel continuous and transparent authentication utilising 3D facial recognition using a front-facing 3D camera.

Ketab S, Clarke NL, Dowland PS